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Feng Shui Divine Creations

Time to manifest... wealth, love, health...any intention your heart desires. We are honored to handcraft and customize everything you need to bring in what you seek, harnessing the energy of Feng Shui.

  • Adjustments
  • Bagua Sets
  • Handcrafted Jewelry
  • Wealth Bowls 

Feng Shui Center of the Home Adjustments

The center of your home is vital to your overall feng shui design and the chi energy that radiates there should be nourishing and honoring the home and self. The clear crystal represents purity and clarity. It also amplifies the intentions. The gold honors your worth and invites good health, luck and happiness.  


Feng Shui Bagua Sets

Featured above: Love Gua Coner Set includes everything you need to manifest more love into your life. ~ Rose quartz pendulace and/or Pendulum ~ Essential Oil ~ Hand-poured rose quartz candle ~ Flowers ~ Rose quartz crystal ~ Angel number card. 

Customize your personal Bagua Set. All nine Guas are available. 


Feng Shui Handcrafted Creations

To be in harmony with nature, and align you with your surrounding envirobnemnet, our handcrafted Feng Shui creations are designed to improve, wealth, happiness, long life, and family. 


Feng Shui Wealth Bowls


In Feng Shui, you can attract wealth and prosperity through abundance and money by placing a Feng Shui wealth bowl in your home to stimulate your prosperity energy. This is the oldest abundance and money cure in Feng Shui. Displaying a wealth bowl in your home will remind you of your intention to bring prosperity to your life. 


We look forward to helping you craft
and customize all your Feng Shui needs!

Click here to get started. 




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