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CanvasRebel Magazine: Meet Karina Muller and Lana Gendlin Brooks Co-Founders, HeartCentric Divine Creations

Laker Pioneer: Women Team Up to Bring HeartCentric to Life

Star Tribune: ROCK MY SOUL: Crystals have become a spiritual tool in the quest for connection, clarity and peace of mind.

Southwest Connector: HeartCentric Combines Art With Spiritual Practice

Edge Magazine: Pendulums for Pride


Alzheimer's Speaks: Working With Pendulums For Clarity, Wisdom and Guidance

New World Women: Collaboration is Queen Podcast. Practical Advice For Accessing Your Inner Wisdom Using Pendulums - Featuring HeartCentric Pendulum Pros & NWW Luminaries Lana Gendlin Brooks & Karina Muller

Being Curious Podcast with Kelly and Brian

Live Events

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community Motivational Service with Lana Gendlin Brooks and Karina Muller

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