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HeartCentric Divine Creations


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Selenite is an extraordinarily powerful purifier and charging stone. It naturally cleanses itself, which makes it an optimal stone to include in your crystal collection!

Benefits of Selenite 

  • Used to purify other crystals and gemstones.

  • Naturally draws out negative energy.

  • Reinforces the essential properties of your crystal or gemstone.

  • Maximizes the effectiveness of crystals to make them more sustainable and potent.

How to Use Selenite

Use this block of selenite to clear and charge your pendulum by placing your pendulum crystals (or other stones) next to it for 24 hours. Make sure the crystals are touching the selenite.

While selenite is self-cleansing by its very nature, its energy is permanently at work. We recommend occasionally recharging it by placing it in the moonlight or sunlight for a few hours. You can also use sage to cleanse it.