Pendulum Guidance

Handcrafted with love and good vibes...

Each divine creations pendulum is handcrafted and unique. The stones used in our jewelry are selected with intention and contain healing properties that are matched with an angel number for added guidance and inspiration. We give thought to how the stones pair with one another and encourage you to touch, hold, and play with your creation. How do you feel holding it? What sense do you get? You’ll be using it often, so you want to make sure that your bond with it.

What is a pendulum and how is it used?

Pendulums have been used as ancient divination tools for centuries. For spiritual healing, they can bring subconscious energy into conscious awareness to give you answers to questions you may have and inner growth. They are used as a form of reflection by asking questions to receive guidance, awareness, and understanding. 

Pendulums are a spiritual way to get clear and to connect to your inner core and external guiding energies. You should always use them for your highest good. 

As there is vibrational energy in everything, the energy within us runs through our arms and down through the pendulum. They can help you gain insight by asking them yes or no questions and seeing how they respond.

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