Pendulum Course & Guidance

Pendulums are ancient tools that can serve us well in modern times by allowing our intuition to have a voice. Additionally, we believe that since pendulums are personal tools that are an extension of our higher selves, they should be beautiful and loved. Yes, anything weighted on a string can be used as a pendulum. However, bonding with your pendulum is of utmost importance and thus, you want to love it like your favorite heirloom. That is why we were called to transform pendulums into art.

When each pendulum is crafted, we believe that there’s a person out there who is destined to own it and love it. Many of you reading this have found your perfect pendulum already. If you are feeling called, please share your story with us. The pendulums that we craft are never the same because we both have individual styles and allow ourselves to be divinely guided in the creative process. 

Each pendulum is a tool that was brought together by small, yet intentional and random components. When the pendulum finds its rightful owner, the journey inward begins. Investing the time to establish a pendulum practice and seek guidance from within is what begins to awaken each person to their own truth.  When we show up as our true, authentic selves, we begin to change for the better. Our mission is to awaken humanity to its truth, potential, and power. This magic happens when we each go within for guidance, and a pendulum is a perfect tool for that journey. But remember it is just that: a tool. The power is within YOU! 

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Pendulum Course & Training

Instructions on How To Work With Your Pendulum