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Our Story is one of friendship and love. We are HeartCentric - A collaborative for life coaches and diverse practitioners who empower others to live their best life. Our aim is to change the world one relationship at a time. We believe in the power of creativity and universal love, so it came as no surprise when we discovered our passion for making Divine Creations by opening our hearts and listening to guidance from the universe.

The amount of joy we get from making divine creations is the greatest gift we can pass on. Every creation is handcrafted with intention and meaning. What inspires us is knowing they will provide a deeper connection with self and spirit to those who hold them. We hope your creation brings you joy wisdom and guidance, as it has brought many moments of clarity hope and inspiration to us.

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So much fun to be part of The Being Curious Show with Kelly and Brian. This amazing show is about creating discussions that curiously connect Teachers and Seekers on a wide range of topics.

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Art on the Edge Festival took place in the Linden Hills neighborhood on July 23. Event Organizers of the event, Kelly Wagner and Suzie Marty were on TCL promoting the event. We are grateful that they highlighted our products on this TV segment!

Divine Creations Pendulums

Example product title

Example product title

  • Selenite

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  • Glow Bracelet

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    Glow Bracelet
  • Abundance Bracelet

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    Abundance Bracelet