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Divine Creations hand-crafted pet pendulums are made with crystals and gems that hold abundant healing properties.

Like with people, pet energy healing addresses the electromagnetic field around them, including the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. Healing crystals can help with a multitude of conditions including aggression, fear, anxiety, attachment, shyness, excessive barking, dealing with change, trauma, and digestive issues such as an upset stomach.

We currently offer four combinations of crystals for pets. All of our pet pendulums include lava stone, which is porous and can be used with essential oils. Essential oils enhance the crystal's healing properties.  

Amethyst + Lava Stone

Amethyst is the ultimate healer as it remedies both physical and emotional pain that your pet may be suffering from. If your pet lacks energy, amethyst will give her a boost of energy needed to play and run happily. Amethyst crystals are a must if you have an older cat or dog. As a powerful multipurpose healer, this crystal can help with problems related to the heart, skin, stomach, and digestion. In addition, the healing vibrations of this crystal can help get rid of fleas in your pets. Amethyst acts as a natural tranquilizer and stress reliever. It can help your pet relax, reduce fear, ease grief, and deal with separation anxiety and panic attacks well. If your pet is reactive, try an amethyst to infuse a calming effect.  

Citrine + Lava Stone 

Known as the “stone of joy and happiness,” Citrine energizes all aspects of life.  It raises self-esteem and self-confidence and stimulates the brain. If your pet struggles with shyness or is lethargic, try a citrine crystal to promote motivation and balance emotions. Pets who exhibit symptoms of depression, fear, and separation anxiety will benefit from its ability to assist in positive enthusiasm. Citrine also reverses degenerative disease and is beneficial in the treatment of kidney and bladder infections, as well as diabetes. It also helps with eye problems and balances the thyroid. 

Rose Quartz + Lava Stone

Rose quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. Its calming properties ease frustration and nervous tension and bring comfort in stressful situations its properties radiate feelings of security and peace. If your furry friend is a rescue, rose quartz can help heal any past trauma and allow for a greater connection.​ If your pet is tense or shy when meeting new people, rose quartz will help your pet learn how to accept love and companionship. It also helps to dissipate fear, replacing it with feelings of confidence and love. As an added bonus, it can help decrease muscle tension and speed up healing from physical injuries.  For pets who struggle with frustration and irritability, a Rose Quartz crystal is sure to help.  

Tiger's Eye + Lava Stone 

Tigers' eye is known for its grounding and protective energies. If your furry friend is ill or weak, tiger's eye can help alleviate their ailments. For pets who are new to the home, the tiger’s eye crystal can help settle emotions and promote feelings of safety. It's a great choice to energize the body and promote confidence and courage. Additional properties include healing digestion and vision in animals. It helps your pet with alertness, determination, focus, and patience. For these reasons, it’s a great choice for pets who are training, competing, or helping your pet with vigilance and protecting property.


To get started, you'll need to calibrate the pet pendulum. Calibrating a pendulum with your pet strengthens the connection of the pet with the pendulum. With a stronger connection, the pendulum can be used in the absence of the pet to access pet information.

  • Attach the pendulum to a Divine Creations Pendulum so that it can swing freely.

  • Hold the pendulum over the center back or stomach of the body for just a moment.

  • Perform a figure 8 over the pet.

  • Hold the pendulum above the heart or stomach area again to complete the calibration.

  • The calibration with an animal can be canceled by swinging the pendulum counterclockwise at least 7 circles. 

  • Follow the above directions to recalibrate.

Use of a pet pendulum is not recommended for more than 1-2 similar kinds of pets. 

Enhancing Healing Crystals with Essential Oils for Pets

Pet Pendulums work alone and can also be enhanced with the use of oils.  It's important to understand how oils can be used properly to enhance your pet's healing experience. For a pet consult, we recommend connecting with Dr. Michele Jacobson, Ph.D. -  

CONDITION                                 SUGGESTED OIL 

Calm | Anxiety | Change            Lavender 

Connection | Bonding               Helichrysum 

Service Animal | Healer            Frankincense

Digestion | Eating                       Peppermint

General Well-being                    Lemongrass


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