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Healing and Intuition Pendlums Course


Learn to use a pendulum. Simplify Healing & Decision Making.

You already know you’re intuitive. Are you ready to learn to use a pendulum to help solidify your healing energies and validate your intuition? Improve your life with the use of pendulums!

Dana Childs, intuitive energy healer, has partnered with HeartCentric Divine Creations to bring you an opportunity to learn how to use a pendulum.  As part of this course, you will receive a custom pendulum exclusively designed by HeartCentric Divince Creation for the DC + DC Collection.

About the Course

Pendulums have a variety of uses — from accessing your subconscious mind to opening chakras. In this course, we will explore how to utilize them as tools to answer basic yes/no/maybe questions. Spiritually, you can use a pendulum to connect with your guides, angels, and ancestors. You can also use pendulums in energy healing work. By signing up for this class, you will learn a wealth of information including modules on: 

a. Pendulum Preparation

b. Before You Get Started with Your Pendulum

c. Get Crystal Clear Answers

d. Chakras and your pendulum

e. Using your pendulum for healing

f. Tap into your intuition

g. Is it time to clean or replace your pendulum?

Meet Dana Childs

Meet Dana Childs

Dana Childs is an intuitive, energy healer, author, and educator who walked out of her life in 2009. She had a bit of an “Eat Pray Love” moment, but with coconut rice instead of pasta. After climbing the corporate ladder and feeling like a misfit, she sold everything she owned, packed a backpack, and bought a one-way ticket to India.

For over a year, she journeyed through SE Asia and Australia and studied multiple modalities along the way. Whatever she was interested in, she did. She learned Thai massage to complement her Yoga teaching certification, Baliana Taksu, crystal healing, past life regression, mediumship, shamanic practices, was certified as a master in Reiki, and earned her Indian Holistic Medical Degree. More importantly, she also learned the language of her own heart and to listen to her gut. Her intuition blossomed.

About The DC+DC Partnership

Lana and Karina, both corporate recoveries, were divinely guided to create spiritual jewelry together that grew in popularity, and thus, HeartCentric was born. Lana and Karina stumbled upon Dana’s Instagram, felt a connection, and created a personalized pendulum for Dana. Dana immediately felt the clean, powerful energy, and now you’re being offered the result of a dynamic connection. HeartCentric’s philosophy is that we are all resourceful and have the answers within. 

What makes the DC+DC Collection unique and special?

Your custom-crafted crystal quartz pendulum includes 7 chakra stones embedded in it. Additionally, the pendulum has 5 crystals and/or gemstones representing chakras 8-12. This pendulum, handcrafted by HeartCentric Divine Creations, will be one of a kind and made especially for you. (** The photo is a representation. Your custom pendulum will vary as every Divine Creations pendulum is one-of-a-kind). 

How Can a Pendulum Serve Your Intuition & Healing

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