So You've Found Your Pendulum. Now What?

So You've Found Your Pendulum. Now What?

So you’ve found the perfect pendulum for you.  Whether it’s one of our Divine Creations, or another’s, our biggest joy is knowing that this remarkable tool has found the right hands — yours! Maybe you bonded with your pendulum right away. Or perhaps you were drawn to your pendulum for a reason you’re still unclear about (we call this divine guidance). It could be that you resonated with the angel number that is paired with your particular pendulum. Regardless, over time you’re going to develop a stronger connection with your pendulum as it works with your energy. 

Programming Your Pendulum

Once you bring your new pendulum home, you’ll want to cleanse and charge it. See our blog on how to care for your pendulum. Whether you need a quick answer or are sitting down for a lengthier session with your pendulum, it’s a good idea to calibrate it each time you use it. This is easy to do. Remember, a pendulum will give you Yes/No/Maybe/Not Now answers. First, you have to understand what your Yes/No/Maybe/Not Now motions are. The ways in which the pendulum moves are individual to you and will be different from others. 


Hold the topper of your pendulum (opposite end of the crystal or metal bottom) using the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand. You can place your other hand underneath it to steady the energy flow. 

Ask it to show you a yes. You can say out loud: “Dear universe, (...angels, spirit guides, whatever or whoever you feel called to) please show me a yes.” Watch what direction and motion your pendulum swings. This is your individual yes motion. Note that you don't have to ask your questions out loud. Thinking the question will work just as well. 

Now do the same to find out what your no motion looks like. “Dear universe, please show me a no.” And do the same to learn what your maybe and not now motions are. 

You’re now ready to begin. Take a deep breath, get grounded and centered. Start by asking simple questions such as, “Did I have a muffin for breakfast?” Or “Is my name…(whatever your name is)?”  By doing this, you’ll get a feel for how your pendulum swings and calibrate it further. You can then begin asking more complex questions about your life or anything that you’re wanting clarity about. The more you work with your pendulum, the more you will connect with it. Ease into this symbiotic relationship and get a feel for each other’s energies. Once you trust yourself and let go of expectations and urgency, the process will flow organically. 

When asking questions, try to be as specific as possible. If your questions are too vague or unclear, the pendulum may get confused. State your questions with confidence and remember to use close-ended questions. 


Honing your intuitive abilities can take time and patience. Some find it easy to focus and connect right away, while others need more time. Both ways are great and there’s no right or wrong. And don’t fret if your pendulum isn’t swinging wildly. The pendulum swings differently for everyone, meaning some pendulums have really large motions and for others, their swing is more gentle. Over time and with practice, your pendulum will be swaying like a kindergartner on a playground swing! 

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Pendulums can truly delight and fuel your soul. Looking inward for validation versus seeking information from external sources will always lead you down the right path. After all, knowing that you are the one answering your own questions is the most empowering and authentic way to live. 

Stay tuned for more information about all things pendulums in our upcoming blogs. If there is a topic you’re curious about or have a question, drop us a note or an email at We LOVE hearing from you!

~ Karina & Lana, the Pendulum Girls



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