HeartCentric Divine Creation's Guide to Cleansing & Charging Your Pendulum

HeartCentric Divine Creation's Guide to Cleansing & Charging Your Pendulum

HeartCentric Divine Creation's Guide to Cleansing & Charging Your Pendulum 

Our customers often ask about the best ways to take care of their pendulums.  Since you’ll be spending many moments with your new HeartCentric Divine Creations pendulum, you’ll want to take good care of it to ensure it’s working optimally with your energy. 

There are various approaches and methods to keep your pendulum charged and free of stagnant energy. Our HeartCentric Divine Creations pendulums are made with natural crystals and gemstones. Thus, it’s important to cleanse and charge your pendulum, just as you would your other crystals and gemstones. 

On a rare occasion, when a customer tries to use a pendulum, they find that it may not react as actively as they’d like, or not at all. When this happens, we usually get a blank stare followed by them asking, “why isn’t it working for me?” There are several reasons this can happen, but fear not! One reason is that you probably have to spend more time connecting and bonding with your pendulum. Another good possibility is that it has been handled by others and has absorbed their energies. A little bit of cleansing and charging is needed. 

Once your pendulum finds its home with you, know that you’ll want to cleanse and charge it again, and then continue to do so regularly. Over time, natural stones and crystals pick up and store both positive and negative energies. Most of the time, the energy stored in your pendulum is very beneficial. It’s all about setting positive intentions for your highest good. However, if there is any negativity or old energy that has accumulated in the stones, it can inhibit its effectiveness. 

So how do you care for your pendulum? 


We use selenite more than any other method. Selenite is a raw, white stone that has purifying and cleansing properties. It clears blocked energy, elevates the spirit, helps you access your intuition, and is an effective space cleanser. Simply place the crystals on top of or next to a slab of selenite so that they are touching for a period of time. We recommend at least an hour or two, but overnight is most optimal. 


Before we take our pendulums on the road to a show or pop-up event, we give them some loving reiki, set intentions for them to find their rightful owners, and smudge them with sage. We always infuse them with the highest vibrations and positive energy. This is such a beautiful and meaningful practice for us. They are truly made with love and good vibes. You can do the same with your pendulum, and we highly recommend it. Burn sage or palo santo over your pendulum to cleanse it while setting your intentions, saying a blessing, or reciting a prayer. Or, put your pendulum near burning Frankincense incense. 

Sun & Moon Bathing 

Leave your pendulum to charge in the sun for a few hours. This will energize it with higher vibrations. Morning or late sun is less intense than the noon time frame. Be careful not to leave it in the sun for more than a few hours as this can fade and be damaging to certain crystals, such as amethyst or fluorite.  

Unlike sunlight, moonlight is safe for all stones. Let your pendulum sit outside and absorb the moonlight for a good, deep cleanse and charge. This is a great method to use during a full moon especially. 

Methods we do not recommend with HeartCentric Divine Creations 

There are other ways to cleanse and charge crystals. Since our pendulums are made with crystals and gemstones and are like a piece of personal jewelry, we recommend that you care for them as such. As you create a bond with yours, it will become sentimental. We do not recommend burying your pendulum in soil, using salt, or bathing it in water. While these can be great practices for other materials, water, and salt especially, can damage and corrode the stones and crystals and cause chipping or breakage. Some crystals, such as Selenite will turn cloudy if it gets wet and it may stay that way. 

Visualize A Cleansing Light

Visualization is a great tool to cleanse and restore balance and provide an immediate sense of peace and relaxation to any part of your life. Hold your pendulum in your hands or close to your heart. You can also place it in front of you on a surface. Visualize a beautiful, cleansing, healing white light or golden light surrounding the pendulum and washing through it making it fresh and clean. Continue to hold space for and clear your pendulum until you feel the energy shift. 

Charging Your Pendulum 

After your pendulum is cleansed, you’ll want to “recharge” it. Recharging puts beneficial positive energy back into the stones. To recharge, you can use more blessings or even your own physical touch. If trained in Reiki, you can recharge your pendulum with Reiki energy. You can also use therapeutic sound and visualization. 

Below is a short blessing we use before taking our pendulums on the road. We invite you to adjust the words and tailor them to what feels right for you.  

“I charge this pendulum (or insert the name if your pendulum has one) with love and light. May it bring me the wisdom, inner guidance, and joy that I seek. I send (name) the most positive energy for optimal outcomes and for my highest good. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Final Thoughts…

Pendulums are amazing tools to bring subconscious energy into conscious awareness and are effective tools to calm your mind and open your heart. By taking good care of your pendulum, you’ll ensure a long and healthy bond with it and more importantly, with yourself! 

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