Why Shifting Perspectives Matters

Why Shifting Perspectives Matters

We are in the middle of a very pivotal time on Earth and in our HeartCentric business journey. So much is going on! We are actively participating in events and shows, doing speaking engagements, generating PR opportunities, expanding our wholesale business model, developing new strategic partnerships, and finishing the manuscript revisions for our first book with Llewellyn Worldwide. All this work is happening alongside us crafting one-of-a-kind pendulums.

In addition to all our HeartCentric responsibilities, we are also consulting for several companies and coaching clients. All that goodness makes our plates quite full with little time left for reflection, self-care, and connection with the community.

Under the circumstances, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Wondering how the endless to-do lists will ever be accomplished… But rather than giving in to the sinking feeling, we are challenged to shift perspectives over and over again. We make a conscious choice to be grateful for all the joys the Universe is gifting us. This isn’t always easy. We are souls having a human experience after all - sometimes it gets to be too much!

So how do you shift your mindset when overwhelm, anxiety, and fear set in? 

We invite you to tap into your own intuitive guidance to ensure that you are following the most optimal path for you. We use our pendulums for all matters, big and small. Our pendulum work helps us ensure that our key initiatives are aligned with our business goals and objectives. We also use our pendulums to evaluate the fit of each opportunity and how to prioritize our daily to-do lists. If we have not already mentioned this, a pendulum is extremely handy when running a business, whether it’s your own or an initiative for your employer. Data alone doesn’t tell the whole story. But when you pair the data with the strong intuitive voice deep with you, shifts will happen naturally. If you are curious about how to use your pendulum to optimize your business or any area of life, we are here to help. Just reach out.

Our business, HeartCentric, is the most generous present that the Universe has gifted us. We get so much joy from bringing pendulums into the modern world. Every customer interaction that we have confirms that we are on the right path. When we witness how much wisdom, confidence, and knowledge our customers step into when they access their intuition with the help of a pendulum, our hearts light up with joy.

That is why we love to do anything and everything that allows us to reach a broader audience. As we keep reaching more and more people, we know that the world is becoming a better place. Following intuitive guidance puts people on their most optimal path. And when we get stuck along the way—which we all do—shifting perspectives is what helps us get unstuck and move forward in the most optimal way. 

With Gratitude,

Karina and Lana


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It was nice to see you at the Minneapolis Convention Center Art Fair! Do you offer any classes?

Kellie Hurwitz

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