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How HeartCentric Divine Creations Was Born

As human beings, creativity is a part of our DNA. We believe that we are all innately creative. Using creativity to help improve our lives and live in our creative spirit is of the utmost importance to us. So it came as no surprise that when we started working together in our coaching practice, we sought our own creative outlet. That’s when we started making jewelry together. 

We began HeartCentric Divine Creations out of the joy of creating beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry. What took us by surprise are the special personal connections we get to make by sharing our products with the world. As two businesswomen, spending decades working in corporate America and non-profits, we looked at jewelry design and creation as an enjoyable hobby while we both were searching for a way to give back and help others. Something we did on the side for a creative outlet. When our friends started expressing how much they enjoyed our hand-crafted creations and local boutiques and galleries started inviting us to do trunk shows, our HeartCentric Divine Creations business was born.

Our business is based on a simple principle — help people connect with their inner wisdom. We are all intuitive beings and we already have all the answers we seek inside of us. Tapping into that wisdom is like discovering a gold mine. When we learn to deeply connect with ourselves and go within for answers, we start making decisions from the heart, instead of the mind. Heart-centered decision making ultimately takes us to a place of joyous living. 

As our business got rolling, we began participating in more and more trunk shows, craft fairs, community events, and other get-togethers. We LOVE when people stop by our booth out of curiosity or because they are simply drawn to our products. The most rewarding experience for us is to see someone connect with their pendulum. When people realize how easy it is to harness their inner knowing and tap into their intuition, their look of delight and empowerment is priceless to us. A pendulum is one tool that can be utilized for answers to life’s simple and complicated questions. Our mission is to create beautiful pendulums that our customers will truly bond with. We put a lot of heart and soul into each creation to make it unique and beautiful — just like every soul. For us, the other half of the equation is to educate those who seek inner guidance with information about using a pendulum as one of many tools. 

Our creations are meant to inspire people to connect with their subconscious mind. Intuitive wisdom represents great power and self-awareness. When we claim our own wisdom, we set out on a path of living out our dreams. 

That moment of connection with people while watching them claim their intuitive wisdom is the greatest gift that we could ask for. It's like watching an angelic flower begin to bloom. As marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches, we have worn many hats and helped many companies generate sustainable revenue. Nothing in our careers has come close to the gifts we receive when we see individuals step into their power. This is the most life-giving, inspiring career we could have imagined. Our joy was always out there, and we decided to go ahead and claim it. If you’re curious, we can help you claim yours.

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