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HeartCentric Divine Creations

PRE-ORDER BOOK: Pendulums & Intuition - Practical Advice for Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

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About Our Book

Pendulums: the perfect personal assistants for making important decisions. Lana Gendlin and Karina Muller help you access your intuition quickly and effectively through these portable tools. Pendulums translate your intuitive wisdom into yes or no movements that can solve problems and get you unstuck from any situation.

Pendulums and Intuition teaches you how to choose your pendulum, care for it (and yourself), and get your practice started with exercises and resources. Discover a wide variety of uses for pendulums, learn how to troubleshoot any uncertainties, and enjoy insightful stories from Karina and Lana. This book shows you how to ask your heart for guidance, whether your goals are for business, relationships, money, or health. Featuring a four-page, color insert with Karina and Lana's original pendulums, this guide helps you achieve clarity and success as you live your most authentic life.