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HeartCentric Divine Creations

Designer's Dream Pendulum

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Your Divine Creations hand-crafted pendulum

is made of many combinations of healing gemstones and crystals
and could include... 


Quartz - Harmony | Energy | Psychic abilities | Clarity | Calmness

Jasper - Contentment | Compassion | Nurturing | Tranquility

Angel Aura Quartz - Shield of Auric Protection | Inner Peace | Serenity

Rose Quartz - Unconditional love | Self-love | Romantic love | Platonic Love

Lava Stone - Dreamwork | Enhancing Creativity | Cleansing Negativity


 Each pendulum is combined with an Angel Number. One example could be...

Angel Number 555

You are about to experience exciting, positive changes that will transform your life. Angel numbers carry divine guidance and a specific vibrational meaning. Spend time creating a bond with your pendulum, and find the divine within.