Pride Institute and HeartCentric Divine Creations teamed up to deliver a powerful workshop about using pendulums for healing.

Pendulums for Pride

For those working in the helping professions, we often ask ourselves how we can give back in a meaningful way. And although we help others every day through the work we do, we want to give back even more. Empowering others is integral to us and part of the way we’re wired as people. That’s why when HeartCentric Divine Creations and HeartCentric Coaching Collaborative was invited to do a pendulum workshop at the Pride Institute, we were delighted. 

The Pride Institute provides LGBTQ+ community with an inclusive and accepting place for recovery through evidence-based treatment for substance abuse, sexual health and mental health. A dear friend, who has been a staff member at Pride for over a decade, believed that we had something of great value to offer the Pride clients.

As healers, we believe that pendulums can be a great asset in a mental health journey. Pendulums help connect us with our own inner wisdom and give us the understanding of what is truly the most optimal path for us to move forward. With that belief, pendulums can be very beneficial tools to get into a meditative state and open your heart and your mind to possibilities. 

When we arrived at Pride, we came prepared with 35 hand-crafted pendulums to gift to each client that we were interacting with. A big thank you to the Enchanted Rock Garden for gifting us crystals that we used in crafting these pendulums. The clients were thrilled to each receive a pendulum and learn how to work with them.

We began our workshop with a grounding meditation inviting each participant to let go of anything that is occupying their mind for the next hour and become fully present. After that, we got a chance to talk about our journey to pendulums and how we use them in our daily lives. Since we are both certified life coaches, working with this very vibrant, inquisitive community of clients was a natural fit. They were eager to learn and to try their new pendulums out for themselves.

Getting this large group of over 30 clients to connect with their pendulums was a complete joy. Their hearts are so open on their journey to recovery and they were extremely excited to add this special tool, the pendulum, to their recovery toolkit. The look of amazement on their faces as they got to connect their energy to the pendulum and watch it move was an incredible gift to us. We believe that anyone who is open to using a pendulum will be able to connect with it. This group instantly took to them.

As our workshop continued, we got to practice several techniques including a demonstration of checking the chakras. We had willing volunteers who wanted to see if their chakras (body’s energy centers) were open. If all seven chakras are open, your body’s energy can flow freely. If there are blocks in any of the chakras, negative energy from trauma can get stuck in the body. Stuck energy can lead to illness and dis-ease. The volunteers gave us permission to open their chakras that were blocked. It was informative and gratifying. Not to mention it’s something that all the workshop participants can start practicing at home on their journey to health. 


When we left the Pride Institute, our hearts were full of love and gratitude for this community. They were very grateful that we showed up and shared our passion for pendulums. Many of the participants wrote small letters of appreciation, which are pictured in this article. We were even more thankful to them for trusting us with a small step on their healing journey.


We love doing this important work. Sharing our passion around the use of pendulums to empower others to live their best lives is the greatest gift that we can give. Indeed, the pendulum is a very special and ancient tool that can be used for many purposes and works for everyone. As HeartCentric Divine Creations, it is our goal to bring this tool back to mainstream society and help humanity heal and ascend in a new age. Using this tool in combination with our coaching practice, HeartCentric Coaching Collaborative, allows us to educate others about the power of the pendulum, which we know is boundless. 

We are grateful each and every day to the universe, to all of our friends, and to our customers for the support we’ve received on our journey with Divine Creations. We will continue to walk the path that has been laid out for us to continue disseminating the knowledge we have around pendulums and healing. Thank you to everyone at the Pride Institute. We look forward to coming back! 

Lana & Karina 

~ The Pendulum Coaches

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