Peace, Prayers & Pendulums for Ukraine - Thank You To Our Community

Peace, Prayers & Pendulums for Ukraine - Thank You To Our Community

Dear Friends of HeartCentric Divine Creations,

A big thank you to everyone who attended the Unite for Ukraine event on a blustery spring day here in Minnesota. To all of our amazing speakers, and our event planner and MC extraordinaire, Carolyn Vinup of Gateways to Brilliance, we THANK YOU!

There were prayers, poems, songs, chants, and even a beautiful harp performance. Everyone’s words were full of hope, inspiration, and healing — everything that we envisioned when we planned the event just three short weeks ago.

The ripple effect of the day will no doubt reach millions. As one of our speakers mentioned in her beautiful message of peace, for every one positive and loving thought sent out into the world, 750,000 people will be reached on a vibrational level. That is extraordinary!  

We ended the event surrounding the peace pole in a circle. Together, we let our pendulums swing to expand our collective energy as we chanted “Let there be peace, kindness, compassion, community, action, love, freedom, health, strength. Let there be peace."

Let’s keep it going!!

With peace, prayers, and pendulums in our hearts,

Karina & Lana



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