StarHouse Boulder Colorado

We Are Heading to Boulder!

Join HeartCentric Divine Creations for a 90 minute workshop followed by dessert, wine and tea!

Karina Muller and Lana Gendlin Brooks of HeartCentric Divine Creations will guide you through the art of the pendulum, the benefits of this ancient tool, and how to incorporate it into your everyday life. Learn how to work with a pendulum and participate in an interactive group exercise. This workshop will leave you with the insights to help you live your life from your heart center — for joy, guidance, clarity, and wisdom.

This event will be hosted at The StarHouse, a beautiful sanctuary nestled in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado. Constructed according to ancient geometric principles of ideal symmetry, proportion and harmony ~ in relationship with the land and celestial beings ~ the building itself is a star map. Its axis is aligned with the North Star and it is perfectly oriented to the four directions. The StarHouse embodies in its structure the changing seasons, fluctuations in sunlight, and dance of the planets and constellations ~ a powerfully supportive space that honors and celebrates the cosmic rhythms of change while nurturing deeper connections between the land, stars and human hearts.

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